Sunday, 29 July 2007


Over the last few years, I have gotten myself involved and/or entangled with a variety of film and TV production companies and literary agents in an effort sell my work (mostly screenplays and a novel). The result? Nothing sold yet. However, through all the apparent near misses and dead ends, I think there are some half entertaining stories to be told. So here we are.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if this can be classified as career suicide or not, but that’s half the fun (which also supposes that people are actually going to read this). As I go, I may well drop in some top tips, which will mostly form the basis of a ‘How Not To’ guide. Please, on no account do what I have done – do the diametric opposite and I guarantee you might just get somewhere.

On the odd occasion, I will veer off on a wild tangent and write about anything that takes my fancy – that’s what a blog is about isn’t it? Wild, opinionated and directionless (a bit like Sonic Youth’s entire recorded output)? Random bits of white noise with the odd nugget of fun – that’ll do for me.


I consider all communications that I quote from within the confines of these pages to be in the public domain. If an e-mail sent to me does not have a confidentiality statement clearly marked, then it’s fair game. However, if you feel that I’m being unfair in quoting your communication or taking your comments out of context, please let me know – I would be happy to re-word or remove any posts construed as being offensive or derogatory. Alternatively, you could develop a sense of humour, and console yourself with the fact that most of what I’m going to be reporting on here can be filed safely under ‘career suicide’.

If you want to e-mail insults and death threats, then unless you want me to regurgitate your words for potential entertainment value, it might be helpful to cut and paste this line into the footer of your email:

“The information contained in this e-mail is of a confidential nature and is intended only for the addressee.”

I thank you.

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