Friday, 1 February 2008

Metlab Update, Part 5

So, Metlab yesterday.

All very painless as it turned out. Lucy Vee and John Sweeney one side of the table, Martin and I on the other. My notes from the meeting read, “double goal”, “Mind Hunters”, “no gore”, “necrophilia”, “conflict vs empathy” and “dialectical materialism”. Blimey! Sounds a bit like Katie & Peter Unleashed to me. I have a new draft to wrestle into submission (two falls or a knockout, grapple fans) by the beginning of April.

As well as being an all round nice guy, I also discovered that there is very little about Doctor Who that Martin does not know. I’m not the world’s biggest DW fan by any stretch, but I will say that I was seven years old, I loved it. I also have only one DW anecdote, as follows:

When I used to live in Cambridge, there was a great book cum junk shop on Mill Road – I bought a Doctor Who paperback in there for 10p, purely due to what was printed on the spine. The book’s title was Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil, written by Terence Dicks. The problem was the designers/type setters had forgotten to leave a large enough space between the words ‘evil’ and ‘Terence’, so the book was actually entitled Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil Terence Dicks – which is, when you think about it, a pretty frightening prospect (OK, so it was funny at the time).


martin said...

You mean to say yr collection of target novels was incomplete? I'm shocked. Shocked! ;)

"Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil Terence Dicks" could have been even worse imagine if they hadnt had space for the word ‘Terence!’

Good to meet you too sir, I'm off to get wrestling with that draft! Good luck with yours.

Chip Smith said...

I've just discovered that I have a Doctor Who annual from 1976, which means that I'm obviously so much of a closet DW fan, I haven't even realised it myself!

Good luck with your draft, although I'm not quite sure how you're going to write in John's major suggestion!

Lucy said...

It's simple: he's NOT. John clearly lost his mind for a few moments there but don't worry, I beat him into submission with my script axe.

Chip Smith said...

Spoilsport ;-)

Martin and I talked about it afterwards and I think the consensus was that it was going to be tricky, if not impossible, to write in. Sighs of relief all round I think.

Jon Peacey said...

I have a minor DW anecdote (sort of). One of my closest friends (sadly now dead) lived a road away from a bloke who made FX props for DW; amongst other things he also worked on Hardware and had a cast of the Mark-13's killer head. We would occasionally talk about things DW and there were assertions (by FX guy) of a known collector out there with genuine missing/lost episodes in a safe which he was keeping solely for his own selfish gloating.

My friend had a Who novel signed by Ian Marter... I sometimes wonder what happened to all the various weird things he'd collected over the years... I suspect they all got chucked.

Chip Smith said...

Strange, all these DW anecdotes - they're all flooding back now, like some sort of weird, repressed memory...

When I was growing up, my brother and I were friends with a couple of kids whose father was *apparently* the inventor of Bessie, Jon Pertwee's yellow Who car. No idea how true this was, but I do know that the family (by the name Tremaine, I think) were loaded - the kids had light sabres from the first Star Wars film, which were pretty expensive at the time, the over privileged little shits!

If we keep on this thread long enough, I'll probably discover that I'm related to Tom Baker or something ;-)