Friday, 28 March 2008

Opportunity Knocks, Part 6

This just in from those lovely people over at Inktip...
London Pictures Ltd. - Concept-Driven Sci-Fi

We are looking for completed feature-length concept-driven sci-fi scripts. We are especially interested in the sort of stories that are based around scientific concepts and which can be produced with relatively few SFX, as opposed to alien or space-driven stories – which is to say we are essentially looking for a script that could have been written and produced as a sci-fi stageplay.

Please do not submit something that has already been submitted to us in the past.

WGA and non-WGA writers may submit. Budget will start at around $200K.

Our credits include: “Burning Light” (2006) and “Blinded” (2004).

To submit to this lead, please go to:

Enter your email address.

Copy/Paste this code: tbq6hje173

NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly. If you aren’t sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

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