Friday, 18 July 2008

Friday Night Muzak - Martha Wainwright

Martha Wainwright, from her 2005 album stunningly entitled Martha Wainwright.

I saw Martha at the Gardner Arts Centre back in 2005 (supported by an equally brilliant Catherine Feeny). Amazingly, the Gardner is now closed, victim of a double whammy of funding cuts by both Brighton & Hove Council and the Arts Council. An additional problem is that the Gardner is also a Grade 1 listed building in dire need of renovation, which means it has stood unused for over a year - a huge shame, as it was one of my favourite Brighton venues (I even saw the premiere of Tank Girl there some years back, not that Jamie Hewlett could be bothered to turn up for his scheduled appearance - ah well, he didn't miss much!).


MJ said...

Martha Wainwright breaks my heart pretty much every time she sings - in a good way. Thanks for that! Never seen her live yet - jealous.

Chip Smith said...

Martha was great, but the support Catherine Feeny was (dare I say it), a little bit better - I tried posting 'Hurricane Glass' from YouTube, but my PC is in revolt! If you hop over to, Hurricane Glass is the song that plays when you get through to the main page. A little bit more middle of the road than Martha, but still fantastic!