Thursday, 25 September 2008

Five Things I’ve Learnt This Week, Part 1

  1. The word ‘edutainment’ (if it really can be classified as a word) shouldn’t be permitted under any circumstance.
  2. Riding a unicyle in an office environment is not the brightest of ideas (especially if you’ve never ridden one before). But then I read this, and everything seemed right with the world.
  3. I now know what a hagedorn needle is.
  4. My resting pulse is 55 and my temperature is 34.4 C. Jesus – basking reptiles have higher temperatures (is there a doctor in the house? I feel a little peaky).
  5. My iPod is possessed, but in a good way – who would’ve thought that songs by Harold Budd, Shellac, Michael Nyman, The Carpenters and Mclusky would sound as if they were meant to be seen in the same room together.

And er, that’s it. Move along now, nothing to see here.

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