Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More Random Linkage (sorry...)

I was going to bore myself (and by extension, you) by wibbling on about my Red Planet rewrite. But you know something? I’m too busy writing it to write about rewriting it, if that makes any sort of sense. In the meantime, for some god-known reason the following by-line from today’s Guardian had me howling with laughter:

Nicolas Sarkozy has reportedly shrunk two trouser sizes after working the muscles of his perineum.

Sorry about that. I must be overtired or something...

In other random linkage news, David Hare has gone off on one again about Play for Today here – the interview also contains some highly amusing swipes at Peter Bradshaw, the Guardian’s film critic, after a one star review of The Reader. Bradshaw has responded in his usually robust fashion here (he still thinks it’s rubbish).

And finally, I heard a superb joke the other day about a blacksmith and a donkey, but it’s far too politically incorrect to post here – so drop me a line and I’ll email it to you.


mark said...

I read the Hare comments about TV drama. He's right, of course, but you can't turn the clock back.

I haven't seen The Reader yet but the script is terrific.

Chip Smith said...

I liked Sir David's sniffy comments on film critics, but only because they made me laugh!

For someone who complains about the lack of single drama on TV, he seems to do OK out of the BBC (My Zinc Bed, for instance - that said, perhaps its the lack of viewers he doesn't like too much). ;-)