Sunday, 18 January 2009

Random Sunday Linkage

See here for the new show from David Simon and Ed Burns, Generation Kill, which starts on FX on 25th January. Looks most spiffy! Alternatively, you could always try here for the Torygraph’s view of the same thing. And then there's this, which is kinda related but makes for fascinating reading anyway.

There’s a revealing interview with Peter Morgan, the writer of Frost/Nixon, here, who was also responsible for the better bits of The Last King of Scotland I suspect.

(And talking of random links, what’s this Blogger ‘Links to this Post’ thing all about? My last post on Julian Fellowes seemingly generated thirteen random links all by its lonesome, which seems to be something that Blogger has nicked from Wordpress (steal away, guys: the more random the better in my book)).

Finally, my – ahem – my nephew’s essay got a 2:1. Good, eh? (by the way, if you need 2,500 words of randomly generated fluff on Roland Barthes, drop me a line – I don’t pretend to understand any of what the great man said, but that’s half the fun)


John Soanes said...

If you have to do more essays for your nephew in future, you could always use the essay generator (hit f5 to see a new one).

And talking of Frost/Nixon, I love the way that the TV ad for it manages to work "One Man..." into the voiceover!


Chip Smith said...

Quite a handy little site, this essay generator: it just threw up (quite literally): "Pretextual cultural and semanticist postsemiotic theory." It could almost be Barthes himself ;-)