Saturday, 21 February 2009

Where Do You Write?

The short answer to this question? In a landfill, mostly:

For me, this is a neat day (I’m missing several coffee cups, my laptop, several piles of CDs, and for some reason another two mobile phones). For the most part, I have no idea where the huge amount of crap that I accumulate comes from - it just kind of materialises, beamed down from Planet Landfill. I deal with it by piling everything up into a huge, tottering heap of the end of the day and then swearing loudly as it falls on top of me, covering me in endless back issues of Private Eye and junk mail I’m too lazy to throw away.

At least the Screaming Monkey behind his own personal set of finger drums looks relaxed about it all. The swine.



Can you do a close up on the Screeming Monkey Drummer?

He sounds cool. Way cool. Man.

Chip Smith said...

With pleasure, Mister Sheiky - click here:

I believe has both (Screaming Monkey's great, Finger drums, er, less so).


Cheers Mister Chip, Sir, for the great link.

That Monkey IS one cool bananna muncher!

Shakespeare's Housekeeper said...

Ha! this looks soooo familiar.
Like you say, needs extras to make it totally authentic.
Scotch bottle, ashtray, several coffee cups and maybe a swear-box?
Have you a wifey who skims a duster over things every six months or so?

Chip Smith said...

My wife tends to pile everything up in a great big heap, which makes things looks fantastically tidy - however, this has the general effect of making me lose my mind as I realise that that super-important scrap of paper I scribbled on six days ago has been lost forever (after a hugely petulant and pointless rant, I usually find it three days later down the back of the desk, ie, where I dropped it).

Some further items missing from the photo: iPod, big pile of receipts, paperweights, calculator, stapler, assorted pens, London A-Z, pile of coloured Post-It notes, screwdriver, CD Roms, and a big pile of bills. Welcome to Landfill City ;-)