Wednesday, 9 January 2008

More Agent Bothering

Every six months or so, I do a more-or-less random trawl through the labyrinthe of UK literary agents in an attempt to cajole them into reading one of my scripts. My ‘hit rate’ was a fairly respectable one in four – until Monday that is. Out of six e-mails, two agents came back on the same day requesting material – which was nice. What usually happens now is that they read the script and go strangely silent for several months, as did Marjacq Scripts. That said, one interesting e-mail I received was from a large agency who stated that they were not looking at any unsolicited scripts – ten minutes later, I got emails from not one but two agents at the same agency (one requesting a script). So, we’ll see what happens. When the dust has settled, I may even name names (but don't hold your breath - I tried this once waiting for Dench Arnold to respond and it all got very painful).

In other non-agent news (well, it might be related, depending on your take on the PFD/United Agents dust up), Gladiators is back! True trash television at its best.


Oli said...

Yay, Chip, Go, Chip!

Yay, Gladiators, Go, Gladiators!

Hmmm... David Buchler, erm.... David Buchler...

Chip Smith said...

Thanks, Oli - I think Buchler said, 'Go, go!' to 'his agents as well - hence the current exodus.

I suggest we set Wolf on the guy - that'll teach him!