Monday, 7 January 2008

Opportunity Knocks, part 5

The Screenwriters' Festival '08 in association with Channel 4's 4Talent want to give YOU the opportunity to pitch your amazing Movie or TV idea to a stellar industry panel AND the live festival audience.

Several writers from (the) last two pitching competitions in 2006 & 2007 have already gone onto bigger, better things and have had their ideas optioned, been commissioned to write an original screenplay or have been snapped up by an agent.

The competition is now open here – closing date 29th February 2008.


Jon Peacey said...

I would if I didn't have serious 'public speaking' issues... and I mean serious!

Chip Smith said...

Embrace the fear, Jon! There might be a whole new script in it somewhere (or an expensive dry cleaning bill as you're expansively sick all over Julian Friedmann!).

Jon Peacey said...

It's more than just fear: I couldn't pitch in front of my fellow students even.

Going to the Screenwriter's Festival itself was such a major achievment... I spent most of the nights before trying not to be sick.

Spot me in this link... It seriously understated the problem!