Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sharps Request

OK, so the world and his wife are lining up to enter this (according to my online entry number, there have already been over 800 million entries – zoiks!), so good luck everyone. I had a short script that *kind of* fitted the general theme of ‘the nation’s health’, so I inflated it to thirty pages, but something didn’t quite feel right somehow (that said, I got some fantabulous PO3 feedback on it from Lucy, Elinor and the sadly blogless Caroline). So, I started writing something else. I’m about a page off the ending currently, so this is a call for anyone who wants to swap scripts PO3 style. My turnaround for notes is usually pretty quick, and I like to think I can offer at least page of concise critique before I go all wobbly and random ;-)

So, drop me a line in the comments section or send me an email – I’m easy like that, but you knew that anyway.


Caroline said...

Flippin' 'eck you must write fast! I'm still on page 10 of my Sharps first first draft.

Anyway - I had to comment as you called me 'sadly blogless'. At least I assume it's me, maybe you know several 'sadly blogless' Carolines :)

I will happily swap of course. Though gawd only knows when I'll have a script to send over.

(Lurky Smirky) Caroline

Chip Smith said...

Thanks Caroline, I did mean you! And thanks for the offer, although I do feel a bit mean sending you an additional script when you're only on page 10 of your own (that said, I'll send mine over tomorrow!)

I tend to write in an adrenaline influenced splurge, and then go and back and rewrite/tinker/arse about with the thing until I'm sick to death of it! Works for me...

Oli said...

How do young Chip*.

I'd be delighted to have a look; as it happens I haven't finished mine yet, but would be happy to send it your way once it's done.

Cheers, Oli.

* I have no idea how old you are.

Chip Smith said...

Thanks for the offer, Oli, I'll zip something over to you tomorrow. And feel free to sling yours over when it's ready.

In terms of age, my wife says I have a mental age of about 12 (which means I can still mix with 'the kids' and just about get away with it ;-)

John Soanes said...

Hi Chip!
I'd be happy to offer some observations etc with a decent turnaround, though as I've never posted a comment here before, I won't take offence if you decide not to!

Chip Smith said...

Hi John - welcome aboard! More than happy to do a Sharps swapsie - let me know your email address and I'll zip something over (mine's on My Profile page). If you have anything, I'd be more than happy to give it the old once over, and I can usually get back pretty quickly as well...