Friday, 7 September 2007

Fun with Marchmont Films, Part 3

The Marchmont saga continues to run and run, with more disgruntled writers piling into the breach on Shooting People. However, a novel reason for their extended silence has been floated by Carl Allport, which is about the most feasible explanation I've heard so far.

I'd have thought that it was obvious what was going on. Come on- script submissions, Marchmont, division of Bloomsbury films, wedding season... It might be worth turning up outside of the church on Saturday and checking the confetti for 'courier 12'...

I suppose we should all just be grateful that it's not being run by Andrex... :)

All I can say is that it makes me feel all warm and gooey inside to think that my script might have helped some happy couple complete their day...


TonyB said...

Hey Chip!

I see that Marchmont have broken cover and fessed up to the fact that they're really a wedding video company. The following advert for editors uses their real company name:

I like the 'scripts into confetti' idea - the happy couple being showered with the writer's creativity and goodwill (unless the script is a horror film lol ;)

Chip Smith said...

Hi Tony - thanks for the link, very interesting. "Applicants must have their own editing facilities compatible with miniDV format": rather begs the question as to what Marchmont actually do, other than turn up at a wedding and point a camera.

I guess reading scripts proved too intellectually taxing for them!

TonyB said...


Do they even turn up? Or do they ask the couple to postpone the wedding for six months whilst they subject the wedding plans to a 'rigorous shortlisting procedure'?