Sunday, 7 October 2007

Code 46 - Postscript...

Leanne commented that none of Michael Winterbottom’s films ever seem to set the box office alight, so I thought I’d have a dig about for Code 46. And whaddya know:

Budget; $7,500,000
Worldwide Theatrical Gross:
$741, 273

Add DVD rentals and sales, and I guess you might be looking at a generous estimate gross of about $1 million.

I think we can safely say that these figures are a disaster.

So who’s to blame when a film such as Code 46 goes tits up with a barely a whimper? Search me, but perhaps The Washington Post sums it up best:

It will almost certainly attract a cult audience - it has the kind of self-serious grandiosity that swindles the young and feckless into believing it's significant - but it could have used a few ray guns and mind melds.

Pip pip!

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