Saturday, 20 October 2007

Inktip Opportunity - Low Budget Sci-Fi

This just in from the good folks at Inktip:

London Pictures Ltd ~ Low-budget sci-fi

I am looking for completed sci-fi screenplays. The only criterion is that the budget for shooting the film will be about 200K. My credits include: 'Burning Light' (2006) and 'Blinded' (2004).

To submit to this lead, please go to: Enter your email address. Copy/Paste this code: dmfzwsr98z

NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly. If you aren't sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

Check this link out as well regarding London Pictures' policy on scripts and payment (i.e., don't expect to make your screenwriting fortune out of this one!).

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