Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Unsolicited Submission Meltdown, part 2

Here are a couple more prodcos to add to this list:

Masterplan Film Productions - Masterplan Film Productions Ltd operates an open door policy for submissions, however we do ask that you send an initial email introducing yourself and your project before sending any attachments to us; we will then provide you with an unpublished email address to send your files to.

For general queries or to introduce you and your project to Masterplan: office@masterplanfilms.co.uk

Tight Rope Pictures - Unsolicited scripts may be sent to us and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Please note this can take a while – we’re a small company and we don’t use external readers. If you would like us to return your script, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with your submission.

It’s all gravy, as someone might have once said.


TonyB said...

Huh! Marchmont not good enough for you then? ;)

Chip Smith said...

Marchmont are a great bunch of people and I won't hear a single word said against them, y'hear? ;-)