Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Unsolicited Submission Meltdown!

I’ve just realised (a bit slow on the uptake, me), that a blog is a great depository for all that stuff you should have a home for but just can’t get round to organising properly in any other format. From now on, if I have a sudden hankering to send scripts spinning out willy-nilly into the cyber-ether, all I have to do is to click on the links below (gleaned from pitching, submitting and pointlessly roaming about like the proverbial lemon).

Covent Garden FilmsWe are not accepting feature film scripts at present, as our development slate is now full. However, we will make an exception for science fiction.

Festival Film - Please note that we do accept unsolicited material as long as it is professionally presented and in an acceptable television or film script format.

Focus Films: Script Submissions to Malcom Kohll. Focus appear to be open to unsolicited submissions, but it would be a good idea to email Malcom first to check.

Gruenberg Film Gmbh - We are open to look at script and project submissions. Please drop us a short e-mail, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Olive Pictures – On-line submission, which is always handy – they seem to be looking for horror scripts (that said, they didn’t want mine. Well, they didn’t reply, which I guess is the same thing). That said, this site has been in ‘default’ mode for some time now, so I’m not sure how active Olive is as a company – details appear sketchy, so approach with caution.

Sensate Media – Looks like their latest script call is now closed, but it’s always worth keeping on eye out. Beth White writes an entertaining (and slightly psychotic) column for The Spectator, here.

September Films – Nadine Mellor used to be the Head of Production at September, and read a lot of unsolicited material (even though September were not involved in features production at the time). Nadine moved on a couple of years back and judging from the look of their website, September do not accept unsolicited submissions. However, might it be worth an email? Who knows…

Serendipity Films – Check the website for details. Nothing is listed for unsolicited submissions, but drop Jonathan Newman a line and ask politely (I did).

UK Screen has a Writing Forum page that occasionally offers up the odd writing opportunity. Always worth keeping an eye out.

World Productions - We accept all unsolicited material for consideration at World Productions so feel free to send me a hard copy of your project through the post. The company no longer operates a film arm. As you may know or have gathered from our web-site, we make drama for television and as such, tend only to consider material suited to that medium. We also prefer to read fully finished works as opposed to synopsis.

Yellow UK On rare occasions we will accept unsolicited material from unrepresented writers, but we will certainly consider projects for co-development from third party producers that fulfil certain criteria…

Danny Stack’s blog also has a good post on unsolicited submissions here. Most of the above are in addition to this list.

Public Service Announcement! Before you start battering these no doubt overworked companies with synopses and scripts, please take a look at their websites to see if your material would be a good fit for their company/slate profile.


Lucy said...

Well done for compiling all those Chip and thanks a lot. You should let Robin Kelly know about your list for his "crucial" column -

Chip Smith said...

Thanks Lucy - always a pleasure!