Friday, 24 August 2007

I Bin Tagged

Oli tagged me with this from Lucy Vee’s blog:

When I hear music I like I always imagine what kind of scene in a film it could go in, so that's going to be the focus of this meme: you have to imagine you're in a particular kind of movie as outlined below and what your soundtrack will be.

The deal is, you have to come up with five types of film… and tag five other other people.


1. If I was in a Slasher Movie: Happiness In Slavery, by Nine Inch Nails. Says it all really.

2. If I was in a Hip Hop/Urban Movie: Just Another Victim, by Helmet/House of Pain, or Ladyflash, by The Go! Team. Two songs – is that cheating?

3. If I was in Tron (that's not really a 'type' of film is it? Ah, screw it): Leyendecker, by Battles. Amazingly enough, this song sounds like a video game you’re actually winning.

4. If I was in a David Cronenberg movie: Dali, by Martin Grech. There’s only one word to describe this song, and that’s UNHINGED.

5. If I was in a Rom-Com: So Sorry, by Feist. My cuddly, torch singer side coming to the fore.

Right then. I tag:


Mr Andy G, who doesn't have a blog but hey, we can't all be perfect...

Georgia, who I just KNOW is lurking out there somewhere (Dali says 'hi', by the way)...

Oh, hang on, someone else tagged Elinor earlier - sorry, that’s ten songs she needs to come up with now (I’m not really getting the hang of this, am I?). So, I need two more… help… I’m kinda new round here and you Scribosphere lot look a bit weird to me ;-)


Lucy said...

I've got a really good story about NIN's Happiness in Slavery, a lost dress and a police raid. Maybe I'll tell you the whole thing one day...

Chip Smith said...

It's not related to NIN in any way at all, but I've got a great story about monied friends, a beanbag and a chihuahua - I'll do you a swap, yours for mine!

Oli said...

Good choices. Well memed, you.