Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Thanks to Lucy for the tip off on METLAB this year.

The email below from John Sweeney gives an outline of what to expect:

Thank you for your enquiry about the new Metlab course.

Here are the answers to the questions some of you have posed.

1) This is not a taught course. That is, we will not be teaching people the various formats and methodologies for writing scripts.

2) The aim of the Metlab programme is to develop commercially viable scripts, either from existing scripts or potentially viable treatments that adhere to the principles laid down in the book: Successful Business Models For Filmmakers. These principles are based on tried and tested formulas used by the mainstream film industry.

3) If the script is made into a feature film, the University will retain 2% of the gross income accruing to the film, after it as been released.

4) The writer retains all other rights to the script and the right to be paid.

5) To be considered for the programme, a one or two page synopsis/treatment for a genre based feature film must be submitted.

6) The closing date for submissions is 1st October 2007.

7) Final selection will be by interview, scheduled for October 2007.

8) The programme is free.

9) Writer must be willing to accept and carry out the changes to their script, as and when requested.

Thanks for your interest,

John Sweeney - Metlab Director

My application is already in, so we'll see what happens.

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Lucy said...

Yeah baby. Metlab is wicked, should be interesting to see how it turns out under this "free" banner. ALWAYS my fave price.