Friday, 9 November 2007

Metlab Update, Part 3

OK, so the Red Planet results are in, and I didn’t get through to the second round. Hey ho, no great shakes.

However, as if to balance up this obvious karmic injustice, the man from Metlab has just said yes!

Well, not exactly ‘the man’ himself, but his warped yet strangely loveable sidekick, Lucy Vee.

Things kick off in January, which means one of two things:

i) Based on the notes I took in the meeting with John on 1st November, I crank out a third draft of the script that’s been selected for the patented METLAB hack ‘n’ slash, or

ii) I rely on the robust yet slightly pedestrian second draft.

Bit of a no-brainer isn’t it?

Third draft here we come.

I’ve absolutely no idea how many people applied for METLAB, but apparently I’m one of four, which is nice.

Incidentally, the last time I got selected for something like this was a few years back when Lighthouse ran a little critique course for writers. I was one of twelve in the group, and of course was all hugely excited over it. In an idle moment, I asked one of the Lighthouse bods how many people had applied: was it a lot? She looked at me as if I had just escaped from secure accommodation, and said, ‘Twelve’.

Hey ho!


Tom said...

Well done.

I'm not jealous at all and haven't been watching my inbox for days. ;)

Hope it goes well.

Elinor said...

Congratulations Chip - that's excellent news!

Chip Smith said...

Thanks Tom, Elinor - it came at the right time really, something to balance up the (lack of) Red Planet news.

Lucy said...

"his warped yet strangely loveable sidekick, Lucy Vee."

Chip, you say the nicest things.

You twisted freak.

Chip Smith said...

Hey, a compliment from Lucy - I'm honoured! (just getting my retaliation in now before you decapitate my poor, defenceless script for METLAB!).

Lucy said...

Oh it's dead already Chip, it just doesn't know it yet... > : O

Chip Smith said...


(It's all getting a bit slasher movie-esque round here, isn't it? Marvellous!)

Jon Peacey said...

' must taste blood to be a man'
- the Tao of Sam Raimi.

Congrats on Metlab!!!

Chip Smith said...

Thanks Jon - I suspect there will be much bloodletting, but that's OK as it may well give me some insipiration if I ever decide to write a slasher movie. However, at this point, survival is my sole ambition ;-)

Jon Peacey said...

Or use it as inspiration for a future Stephen King homage... crazed writer tormented by external (or internal) forces that are after their blood...